7th November - Chris Alcock - Web Sockets and SignalR

October 9, 2012 at 3:18 AMMartin

In this session we will explore the key concepts of new 'HTML5' WebSockets standard, looking at its implementation on both the client and server, before moving on to look at the use of SignalR for connectivity and RPC between server and client, looking at both browser and alternative client implementations.  The session will discuss the relative merits of both technologies, and look at how SignalR can give the best of both worlds.


Chris Alcock is a software developer and architect working on the Microsoft .NET stack, plying his trade in the tourism sector.  Chris also maintains the daily .NET news link blog The Morning Brew which aims to be a reputable source for .NET news across the Microsoft and Alt.NET worlds. 


Eventbrite - Web Sockets and SignalR - Building The Realtime Interactive Web

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